2023-05-30 21:14
Product overview
Rolling Stock™
By utilizing existing data sources Rolling Stock™️ predicts failures, estimates the remaining useful life and helps your organization take decisions regarding your assets based on high quality information.

The product consists of a core package and additional features separated into three categories. Choose a selection based on your needs.
Core package
Get started, understand the value
Our core package is the first step to get a deeper understanding of the value in your data. The core package includes the overall micro-service infrastructure to acquire, integrate and analyze all information about your assets.

The core web portal integrates your available data sources and lets the user manage and view the data from the assets perspective. With powerful data tools the users can perform manual analyzes on data to find corelations and insights.
Additional features
The additional features enhances the business value provided by the core and allows the customer to stay in forefront of technology.
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